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With the continued growth of online retail, the number of companies operating directly out of warehouses and dispatch centres has increased dramatically over the last ten years.

At FREQUENCY, we have grown to become one of the most in-demand warehouse staffing agencies in the country thanks to our dedication to health and safety training for our warehouse staff. We only work with the most talented and reliable individuals who recognise the importance of helping our clients reach their daily targets, while also supporting their co-workers and site managers.

Looking for temp warehouse staff? We’ve got you covered

As many of our staff are aware, running a warehouse is not the easiest task in the world – especially when it comes to staffing. As with any business, there will often be staff illness, booked holidays and designated leave to content with and this can often lead to a shortfall in the number of staff members needed to maintain a certain level of working efficiency. While there is the option to hire a short-term member of staff to cover these shortfalls, more often than not they will require additional training before being allowed on the warehouse floor.

With FREQUENCY warehouse staffing we can, on short notice, provide staffing solutions that can be called upon by simply calling us, discussing your needs and letting us take care of the rest.

We take care of everything when it comes to providing warehouse workers, including administration, payroll and full training before being dispatched to the worksite.

We also believe in the importance of nurturing our warehouse staff’s ability to integrate into your existing workforce with a friendly yet professional attitude. Many of our consultants have previously worked in such roles, and understand the demands our clients have, making them perfect for selecting the right FREQUENCY people for individual roles within your business.

There are many roles within a warehouse environment that are important for ensuring perfect operation, from semi-skilled to skilled. These can involve machine operators, inventory control and many more. At FREQUENCY, we have an exhaustive number of warehouse managers, and both skilled and semi-skilled warehouse workers who are always available to help you in your time of need.

From pickers and packers and floor operatives, to forklift and delivery drivers, our in-house 5-star training programs ensures that our warehouse staff are all individuals that we are proud to have representing our company.

Warehouse Staffing FAQs:

Will the workers who are sent be familiar with a warehouse environment and the dangers it involves?

Yes, all of the warehouse workers on our books have extensive experience working in such environments and will be fully briefed in-house before being deployed.

Can we amend the number of workers based on how busy we are?

Absolutely. At FREQUENCY we can increase or decrease the number of our workers onsite depending on how busy you are.

The job can be quite physical, is this taken into account?

Once we receive a brief of the role that needs filling, we will select workers who are physically capable of performing as expected in the position.

Do you have workers available who are qualified to use the machines involved?

Yes, we have a large number of workers who have trained and received qualifications for the use of industrial machines in a warehouse environment.


Our success as a staffing agency has come about thanks to our consistent communication and willing to go above and beyond for our clients:

  • We work across the entire UK with multiple offices, meaning that no matter where your business is based, we’ll have someone nearby who is available to help you out.
  • Our warehouse staff will arrive will all necessary health and safety training and will work with an enthusiasm and ability that reflects our work ethic as a company.
  • As a warehouse staffing agency, we are happy to provide both part time and full time workers throughout the year whenever you need them.
  • We can always be reached 24 hours a day so that whenever you need us, we’ll be available.

If you would like to have a chat with team FREQUENCY about your requirements just send us an email