Festival Staff

The FREQUENCY, crew has got festival staffing covered

With so many festivals across the country, the need for festival staff is always a concern for organisers. Keeping the event on track can often require a huge number of individuals who you can trust to work together and make it a success. This is why many organisers turn to staffing agencies such as FREQUENCY to provide them with a workforce who will keep everything running smoothly.

Last year we had up to 1,000 FREQUENCY fest staff working every weekend during festival season.

Our growing database of festival event staff includes festival bar staff, bar backs, catering staff, managers, stock pickers and stewards.

On-site festival staff management by FREQUENCY

Not only can we provide the best people, but you can leave the stress of management to FREQUENCY. Our management team is on site to oversee our staffing operation and leave you feeling relaxed. From the moment we arrive, we create a seamless process to deliver people to the correct areas, on time, every time.

We’re proud to have brought together a large family of festival staff, so whether it’s tens or hundreds of people you need, FREQUENCY is the partner that can help.

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